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Code of Conduct



To conduct oneself with honesty, courtesy, and respect.  To express consideration for one's fellow performers, educators, parents, staff, and competitors.  To be a person who leads by example and honors their commitment to their craft.  To be a person others can depend on.


To guide, direct, and influence others to achieve their highest goals and ideals.  To set an example though one's actions and speech.  To inspire and serve the people of your class, team, and community.  To recognize oneself as a role model.


To respect and adhere to the guidelines and policies of ASA Academy or the organizers of any conference, workshop, or competition.  To be a person who interacts with others in a mature manner and questions authority with respect.  To speak of any issue or grievance to the person who is able to resolve the concern.  To be willing to receive coaching and direction when deemed appropriate.


To be a person who represents high levels of personal integrity, always putting honor and morals ahead of personal success.  To be a person who has the courage and willingness to face issues and concerns with maturity and dignity.  To avoid gossip, criticism, or denigrating comments for fellow students, parents, teachers, or peers.


To respect the performing arts profession and uphold our values and Code of Conduct.  To support and encourage one another.  To be vocal and initiate change that will elevate the performing arts community as a whole.